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Kabuki foundation brush


Introducing THE Foundation kubuki brush!! 💖

ScoopOfBeauty’s Foundation Kabuki Brush is a type of makeup brush specifically designed for the application of foundation, although it can also be used for other liquid or cream-based products like concealer or blush.

Kabuki brushes are characterized by their dense, short bristles and a large & rounded flat top


  • BRISTLES: The brush typically features synthetic bristles that are densely packed together. Synthetic bristles are commonly used for liquid or cream products as they do not absorb as much product as natural bristles, making them more efficient for foundation application.
  • HANDY SHAPE: The head of the brush is large and usually rounded or flat, providing a broad surface area for smooth and even coverage. The size and shape of the brush allow for quick application and blending of foundation
  • EASY HANDLE: The handle of the Kabuki brush is often short and thick, allowing for easy control during application. Some handles may have a flat bottom, which allows the brush to stand upright on a flat surface.
  • FLAWLESS APPLICATION: The Foundation Kabuki Brush is ideal for buffing and blending foundation onto the skin. Its dense bristles help achieve a flawless finish by evenly distributing the product and blending it seamlessly with the skin.
  • MEDIUM TO FULL COVERAGE: The brush provides medium to full coverage, depending on the foundation’s formula and the pressure used during application. It is also excellent for building up coverage in specific areas without leaving streaks or cakey patches.
  • VERSATILE: While its primary purpose is for foundation, the Kabuki brush can be used for other cream or liquid products, such as concealer or cream blush. Its versatility makes it a valuable addition to any makeup collection.

No more streaks, just picture-perfect skin – the magic of our foundation brush will make you grin!!!

Comes in a foundation case.

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