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Lip/Nose exfoliator brush


Lip/nose exfoliating brush

•Our soft lip scrub brush is ideal to exfoliate lip or nose with good exfoliating effect, can also be used to scrub your face.

•Enjoy a polished, smooth pout: no more flakes, grime or dry skin build up on lips. Ensure smooth makeup and lipstick prep: no more feathering or flaking lip products.

•The premium double-sided scrubber brush is made of soft food grade silicone bristles with plastic handle, soft to exfoliate and harmless to your skin.

Directions to use: First, apply lip scrub and gently exfoliate lips with lip brush in a circular motion with thin bristles. Wipe clean with a tissue. Then, with round bristles, stimulate blood circulation by massaging lips with lip balm or lip oil for a fuller appearance.

For nose, you can apply any cleanser and scrub your nose with thin bristles and later with round bristles. Round hole at the tail helps to remove blackheads.

Finally, wash the tool with water and mild soap. Brush needs to be used gently for longer life of bristles

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