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Introducing the “POP & WINK” vegan waterproof liquid eyeliners range – A Spectrum of Colors for Cruelty-Free Glam!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest clean cosmetics collection: the “Vegan Vivid Eyes” Eyeliner Range. This line features a dazzling array of colored eyeliners, specially curated for those who value both beauty and compassion.

Why ScoopOfBeauty’s pop & wink eyeliners?

  • 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free: All of our eyeliners are entirely free from animal-derived ingredients and never tested on animals.
  • FDA APPROVED : Our FDA-approved eyeliner is a high-quality cosmetic designed to enhance and define your eyes with precision and ease.
  • Stunning Color Selection: our highly pigmented eyeliners boasts an extensive selection of 6 stunning shades that cater to every mood and occasion.
  • Long-lasting and Smudge-proof: Our formula is designed to stay put throughout the day!
  • Water proof: our water proof eyeliners make it ideal for all-day wear, ensuring your eye makeup remains intact, regardless of humidity, tears, or sweat.
  • Versatility: Our eyeliners are not limited to just lining the eyes. Use them as eye shadow bases, to add pops of color to your lower lash line, or even for creative face art.
  • Smooth glide & application: The smooth and creamy texture of our eyeliners allows for effortless application
  • Safe for Sensitive Eyes: Our eyeliners are formulated without harsh chemicals, making them suitable for sensitive eyes

Available in 6 stunning shades:

01 black magic (a classic black shade)

02 snow white (shimmer white shade)

03 Popping pink  (pastel pink)

04 Pistachio green (aqua green)

05 Frosty Blue (sky blue)

06 Copper gleam (copper shade)


DM Water, Butylene Glycol, Phenoxy Ethanol, Xathan Gum, Acrylic co Polymer, Propylene Glycol, Propyl Paraben ,Methyl Paraben ,Color/Pearls &  Pigments.

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Green, blue, white, copper, black, pink


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