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Makeup brush cleaner


ScoopOfBeauty’s heart shaped makeup brush cleaner to efficiently and effectively clean makeup brushes. Made with premium quality material with easy finger grip hold. Durable and convenient to use for any kind of makeup brush! 💕


  1. Deep make brush cleaning process
  2. Maintains hygiene & reduces signs of problematic skin
  3. Removes built up make up, residue, oil & bacteria
  4. Soft & food grade silicon with grip hold
  5. Easy & convenient
  6. Quick & time saving cleaning process

How to use:

Step 1. Pour some liquid soap

Step 2. Add little water to the cleaner

Step 3. Hold the cleaner through grip

Step 4. Gently clean the brushes

Step 5. Let the brushes dry & you have squeaky clean brushes

Total: 440.00 (incl. Tax)


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