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Microfiber velvet beauty blender

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Velvet Microfiber luxurious beauty blender

ScoopOfBeauty presents you all the premium quality beauty blender which is not a basic regular beauty blender. This gives full coverage airbrushed like finish.

The velvety soft material works as a blender and brush in one, thanks to the ultra-fine fibres that apply the makeup exactly where you want it.

This sponge is angled & has a precise flat too along with a big flat precision area which makes it multipurpose & giving every product a different side for a flawless makeup!

How is it better than regular beauty blenders:

•Absorbs very less product

•Unique shape with multiple benefits

•Works as both a brush & a sponge (dry for powder products & wet for liquid products.)

•Provides medium to full coverage

•Durable, easy to use & wash

•Convenient packaging

Directions to use:

•Wet the sponge and squeeze out any excess water.

•Apply your product to your hand/face or directly onto the sponge.

•Bounce the sponge across the skin until all your foundation is blended.

•Using the sponge dry, apply powder products using repetitive tapping movements.

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1 review for Microfiber velvet beauty blender

  1. Pinki Sharma

    The soft and velvety texture of the blender provides flawless and airbrushed application of foundation and concealer. It effortlessly blends products for a seamless finish, leaving my skin looking flawless and natural. A must-have tool for makeup enthusiasts!

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