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Pimple patch

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Our hydrocolloid CUTEST EVER pimple patch is now LIVE!

Scoop of Beauty Pimple Patches with Hydrocolloid are the ultimate weapon in the war against pesky pimples! These little miracle workers have got your back (or should we say, face) when it comes to taking down those unwelcome visitors.

It’s all thanks to the incredible hydrocolloid technology that they’re made from. This amazing stuff can suck up excess oil and fluids like a pro, while creating a barrier So, not only do these patches protect your skin, they also help to heal it too. Talk about a dynamic duo!

And the best part? These patches are safe for every skin type!


  1. Creates protective barrier
  2. Reduces inflammation & redness
  3. Unique shapes that can be worn ANYWHERE!
  4. Overnight repair
  5. Calms painful pimples
  6. Suitable for all skin types
  7. Makes “anti go away pimple” movement faster
  8. Prevents further pimples & breakouts

So say goodbye to those pesky pimples, and hello to clear, protected skin with ScoopOfBeauty little pimple warriors Patches with Hydrocolloid. It’s time to let your inner superhero shine!

Available in two shapes: Heart & flower.

Quantity: 1 sheet  (12 patches)


1. Gently clean the acne area;
2. Gently tear off the acne patch and stick it on the acne area
3. When the middle of the acne patch is raised and some parts turn white, you can take off the acne patch.

Ingredients:Hydrocolloid, sodium carboxy mathyl cellulose, Elastomer, Dioctyl adipate, 100% Hydrogenated petroleum resin, Polyurethane film, Polyethylene terephthalate.

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Both, Flowers, Hearts

1 review for Pimple patch

  1. Gunjan Grover

    Pimple Patches in the Flowers and Heart design, and they’re amazing! Not only do they help heal and protect my pimples, but the cute design adds a fun twist. The patches adhere well and effectively draw out impurities, reducing redness and inflammation. A great addition to my skincare routine!

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