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Rose quartz roller & gua-sha kit


Rose quartz roller & gua sha kit

Can we use roller & gua sha together? (I know this is what you are thinking!!)

If you want the ULTIMATE radiant, glowing skin, try the practice twice a day! Our favorite way to incorporate both beauty tools in one day is by using the Jade or Rose Quartz Facial Roller in the AM straight from the fridge and then the Gua Sha tool at night more targeted facial massage before bed.

Why are they so expensive?

I know prices might pinch your pocket a little but when you’re buying a gua sha or a roller you should know if it’s a real stone and not just some artificial painted ones. Here at SoB we offer pure rose quartz and to check if it’s real or not here’s a trick- they will be naturally cool ALWAYS however on using constantly it might get warm but will get cool down naturally. Remember these will be never be available at low rates and if they are beware!!!

This kit includes-

1. Rose quartz roller

2. Rose quartz gua sha

3. Golden hour glow potion

Note: Comes with direction to use. 


Total: 1,650.01

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Dehydrated Skin, Dull Skin, Open pores, Rough & Patchy Skin, Saggy skin, Under Eye Concerns, Untoned skin

Skin Type

Combination, Normal, Normal to Dry, Normal to Oily


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