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Silk heatless curlers

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Silk heatless hair curler

Heatless curler at free shipping!!!
Our silk heatless curls offers a natural, hair-friendly alternative to traditional heated curling tongs. By using a silk curling ribbon instead of traditional heated curlers, you can create beautiful curls overnight without any heat damage. Mulberry silk is gentle on the hair to help prevent hair breakage and its smooth texture also helps to reduce frizz.

Just pop these curlers in after a shower, while you’re getting ready for the day, and you’ve got yourself the easiest DIY curls. Once you set your hand over this magic product you’re not turning back!


•Protect hair from damage

•Time & energy saving

•Cost efficient

•Silk hydrates hair leaving them frizz free

•Portable/travel friendly (doesn’t require a socket.)

•High & premium quality product & made with 100% silk.

•Offers variety of big bouncy curls

•Light weight & comfortable

It comes with a silk hair curling tube, 2 scrunchies & a claw clip.

How to use:

•Always use it on wet/damp hair for best results

•Part your hair into sections & place the curling tube on the top of your hair and secure it with the claw clip

•Take sections of your hair and wrap it around the curling tube. Continue to twist small sections of hair around the length of the curve.

•Use the provided scrunchies to tie your hair on the tube

•Leave the hair curling set for minimum 2 hours or best, overnight.

Total: 550.00

3 reviews for Silk heatless curlers

  1. Sheena walia

    Wow this is one of my best purchases ! One of the best thing found on internet so easy to use yet to impactful

  2. Sarika

    The Silk Heatless Curls are a game-changer for my hair routine. No more damage from hot curling tongs – now I can get beautiful, natural-looking curls overnight with the silk curling ribbon. It’s like magic for my hair!

  3. Priyanka

    I’m obsessed with silk heatless curlers! They’re incredibly gentle on my hair and leave my curls looking amazing. They’re easy to use and I can sleep with them on overnight without any discomfort. Plus, they’re made of silk, which feels great on my hair and skin. Highly recommend!

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