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Tooth Powder

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•Organic Tooth Powder•

Besides toothpastes, all-natural oral care with SoB’s organic tooth paste is also important.

This Ayurvedic tooth powder tackles a wide array of dental problems &  have whitening, strengthening, antibacterial & polishing properties.

Made with all natural herbs, clay & salts like neem, charcoal, sea salt, cloves, cinnamon and what not ! All Ayurvedic ingredients to fight all the germs & leaving you teeth all fresh & strengthened 💪🏻

Usage: Take sufficient quantity of SoB Tooth Powder on a tooth brush or on index finger and massage gently on the teeth. Rinse thorughly with water after massage/ brushing.

Use daily before going to sleep

Note: Tooth powder doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance so don’t expect the artificial fragrance present in fancy toothpastes however we have fresh mint leaves in it for the flavour😍

Size: 25 grams

Total: 285.01


1 review for Tooth Powder

  1. Pinki ch

    Tooth powder has completely changed my oral care routine! It’s all-natural and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals like traditional toothpaste. My teeth feel so clean and my breath is fresh all day. Plus, the small container lasts forever, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. I’m never going back to toothpaste!

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