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Ubtan Face Mask


This ubtan is a mixture of rich organic & natural powdered extracts goodness of fresh rose petals, fullers earth, hibiscus, and natural herbs & soils without chemicals, harmless and cruelty-free.
This is a magical mix of rich & highly beneficial ingredients.😍

1. For removing acne & breakouts, dead skin cells, blemishes and scars
2. A great De-tan mask
3. Soothes wrinkles fine lines while tightening the skin
4. For skin softening & brightening leaving the skin rejuvenated and radiant
5. Removes excess oil
6. For blackheads

Size- 30g

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Acne, Dull Skin, Oil control, Pigmentations, Pimples, Tanning

Skin Type

Normal to Oily


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